Humboldt Trails Council is pouring wine at

PLAZA during Arts! Arcata

Friday, June 14, 6-9pm

Bat N’ Rouge

Friday, September 9

Green Wheels Gear Up

Friday, October 7

Ridge Trail Festival

Saturday, October 8


Saturday, November 12

North Coast Railroad Authority Board Meeting, April 11  AGENDA

Humboldt Bay Symposium
April 26-27Humboldt_Bay_Symposium.htmlshapeimage_2_link_0
Bike to Work Month
May 2012BTW.htmlshapeimage_3_link_0

NCRA Board Meeting

Wednesday, July 11, 10:30am

Get Your Trail On! Collaborating for Action
February 9Get_Your_Trail_On.htmlshapeimage_4_link_0
Arts Arcata, Garden Gate
Friday, July 13, 2012

Bat n’ Rouge - Friday, Sept 7

“Softball with a Twist”

North Coast Railroad Authority Board Meeting

Wednesday, Nov. 14


5th Annual Bogstomp    Nov. 10.

Volunteer Trail Stewards Group Forming for The Arcata Community Forest    flier
Feb. 28, 6pm

Elk River~ Hikshari Trail Celebration

Saturday, March 2, 2-4pm

Ship to Shore Cocktail Tour
October 5Ship_to_Shore.htmlshapeimage_6_link_0

Arcata Sunny Brae Community Forest Trail Stewards are building new sections of trail and doing restoration projects. March 30, 9am-12pm

Arcata Eye Ball

Saturday, March 9, 6pm

Arcata Theatre Lounge.

Humboldt Trails Council at

Arts! Arcata, Arcata Exchange

Friday, April 12, 6-9pm

Thursday, 6:00 p.m. August 29th

A Kickoff Recruitment event for the new VTS project starting up on Eureka's Hikshari' Trail!   poster

at the Wharfinger Building in Eureka

Hikshari’ Trail Work Day

Saturday September 14, 9am-11am

Thanks to all of you who attended the Hikshari' Trail Volunteer Trail Stewards orientation and showed such great interest!

Walk and Bike 10 miles of the Newton B. Drury Scenic Parkway

Saturday September 14th

Walk and Bike 10 miles of the Newton B. Drury Scenic Parkway Saturday without the cars! full press release

  1. Saturday

  2. October 12, 2013

  3. A night of music in support of the Humboldt Trails Council!

  4. Larger poster here

The Jammie Jog 2014
Sunday, April 27, 9am - NoonJammieJog.htmlJammieJog.htmlshapeimage_7_link_0


We are being treated to a special talk about how to care for our bodies while doing trail work. Follow the link below for more info.

Waterfront Walk & Run

A Benefit (in part) for the Humboldt Trail Council and the Bay Trail


The community has acquired all the funding needed to complete the Arcata Ridge Trail. Just like pieces of a puzzle the last piece of property, located near Fickle Hill Road will complete the 4-mile trail. Kevin Hoover, the Arcata Eye editor said, "Its a 2.5 acre parcel that encompasses 500 and 15 feet of the ridge

Neighhhhhh, they say

Jan. 14, 2012  North Coast Journal, by Heidi Walters

About 80 equestrian trail advocates “flash mobbed at Clam Beach today,” reports Uri Driscoll. (full story, NCJ)

Increasing Bicycling and Walking are Goals that are Clearly in the Public Interest.

Jan. 24, 2012 Bicycling and Walking in the U.S.: 2012 Benchmarking Report is an essential resource and tool for government officials, advocates, and those working to promote bicycling and walking.  Alliance for Biking & Walking

A Walk on the Wild Side (of 101)

(Jan. 19, 2012)  North Coast Journal,  by Rees Hughes.

Let me admit my bias up front. It is a shame that the railroad right-of-way between Arcata and Eureka is sitting virtually unused...   (full story, NCJ)

Revolution Bicycle of Arcata raffled off a Kona Humuhumu bicycle in November, with the entire $375 in proceeds going to the Humboldt Trails Council!  (more)

The Humboldt Trails Council is your connection

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Humboldt Trails Council    |

Arcata Community Forest

On December 30, 2011, the City Arcata closed escrow on a 16.3-acre open space riparian forest parcel that will eventually provide public trails connectivity to the Arcata Community Forest.     (more)

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Humboldt Bay Trail Feasibility Study

IS DONE! It examines the feasibility of incorporating a Class I Bike and Pedestrian Path into the existing six-and-one-quarter-mile transportation corridor that follows the eastern edge of Humboldt Bay between the cities of Arcata and Eureka. You can view the complete study at HCAOG’s website.

Cause for Celebration! The multi-use coastal trail along the Elk River estuary just got approved by the Coastal Commission!!! After starting the planning effort in 2001... the trail will finally get built this summer! Congrats to the City of Eureka and RCAA for the long haul and commitment to making this trail a reality -- one more section of the Eureka Waterfront Trail in place... just a few more pieces to go! Thanks to Miles Slattery of the City and Kevin Wright of RCAA... and everyone else who has helped over the years. Let's plan a trail celebration this fall!

McCloud River Railroad to donate its route for trail; group strives for funds to buy right of way

Turning rails into trails is obviously not a radical concept-- it’s in the public’s best interest! Humboldt County is way behind the curve compared to other counties. LIke the Redding area, for example. The owner of the McCloud River Railroad agreed Thursday to donate and sell 80 miles of railroad right of way to a Redding nonprofit agency that plans to turn the strip of land into a recreation trail.

Supervisors support letter to railroad authority; talk of railbanking draws 50 people

Megan Hansen/The Times-Standard


All it takes to get 50 people at a Humboldt County Board of Supervisors meeting is sending a letter to the North Coast Railroad Authority about rail and trail issues.


Tuesday, June 26 meeting on Humboldt access TV, requesting the Board of Supervisors sign a letter to the NCRA in support of a committee to explore railbanking.

Feasibility of bay trail and east-west rail discussed

To the Redwood Times   July 3, 2012  To the Editor:

Suddenly, it was as if you could hear a pin drop in Tuesday’s Board of Supervisor’s meeting.    continued

Committee to Study Something

Judy Hodgson, North Coast Journal   July 11, 2012






NCRA Engineer: East-West Rail Line Not Feasible

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Daniel Mintz, Eye Correspondent

Read the story in The Arcata Eye

[T]rail Update No. 5

by Judy Hodgson, North Coast Journal, Nov. 22

YESSSSSSSS! That was my reaction as I left the North Coast Railroad Authority board meeting in Eureka last Wednesday.   more

Humboldt Trails Council and Future Eureka Waterfront Trail Projects

02/18/2013 by Chris Butner of Green Wheels

On February 9th, 2013 I did a ride along, with Humboldt Trails Council’s – Second Ships to Shore benefit ride.   Read entire review on Greenwheel’s page

Coastal Commission’s 101 corridor conditions ‘workable,’ says CalTrans.

The California Coastal Commission in a 9-1 vote today gave Caltrans the go-ahead to build an interchange at the Indianola Cutoff -provided the agency meets certain conditions.continued, with more news on the Coastal Commission meeting and the Bay Trail...

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Planning Commission Meeting

An excellent review of the Feb. 20 meeting by the Lost Coast Outpost:

Trail Champs Rally: Video Highlights from a Wild Planning Commission Meeting

For the most current news and updates please visit the Humboldt Trails Council’s Facebook page. You don’t need to have an account to view our public page.

State awards $2 million to County for the Humboldt Bay trail

03/20/2014 From a Humboldt County Department of Public Works press release:

On March 20, 2014, the California Transportation Commission approved allocation of $2 million to Humboldt County to perform engineering design and environmental permitting for the southern portion of the Humboldt Bay Trail. The Bay Trail South segment extends from X Street in Eureka north to Bracut for a total length of 3.8 miles.

full press release in the Times-Standard

full press release on our site

story in the North Coast Journal

Humboldt County Accepts Funds to Establish 1,000-acre Community Forest near Eureka

On April 15, 2014, the Humboldt County Board of Supervisors voted unanimously to accept funds that will allow the County to purchase 1,000 acres of forestland southeast of Eureka to establish a community forest. The community forest will be managed in collaboration with the City of Eureka for multiple purposes including public access and recreation, sustainable timber harvest, and watershed and resource conservation. see full story


Bay Trail North: Funded

by Thadeus Greenson Sat, Aug 23, 2014

The California Transportation Commission this week approved $3.1 million in grant funding for the construction of the Humboldt Bay trail between Arcata and Bracut, possibly paving the way for construction to begin next year.

Officials described the grant as a “landmark,” and a major step forward for the long-talked about and debated project. Combined with a $1.5 million grant from Caltrans and some $766,000 in other funding, the CTC grant is expected to help Arcata cover the balance of construction costs for what will likely be a multi-year building effort.

- read full story on our site

- in the North Coast Journal

Humboldt County closes escrow on McKay Tract

Management plan, trail access points to be shaped in coming months

By Will Houston   August 30, 2014

After nearly four years of work between state, timber and local officials, Humboldt County has the title to nearly 1,000 acres of community forest southeast of Eureka after closing escrow with Green Diamond Resource Company.

"Having it actually close escrow, that means this is the community's forest now," 3rd District Supervisor Mark Lovelace said. "It's not the county of Humboldt that owns it, it's the people of the county of Humboldt that own it. As a community forest, the management and the trail planning will be guided by public input."

read full story on our site

Local Trails Projects Receive Millions From State

Andrew Goff / Sat., August 23, 2014

The California Transportation Commission (CTC) today adopted 148 biking and walking projects, collectively valued at more than $430 million, in the state’s 2014 Active Transportation Program (ATP), making it the nation’s largest. The CTC will allocate nearly $221 million to the projects at its future meetings - read full story on our site

MCKAY TRACTmckay.html

September 3, Redwood Curtain Brewery, Arcata

Toasting the team of "Bay Trail Heroes" tonight who are getting the trail funded, permitted & ready to be built, piece by piece! Takes a lot of hard work & persistence to jump through all the hoops and reel in the grants. In the sashes are Hank Seemann (County), Miles Slattery (Eureka), Karen Diemer (Arcata) and Marcella Clem (HCAOG). Two guys with a lot of hours clocked in designing & planning, Rob Holmlund & Merritt Perry, and fierce advocate, Dennis Rael. Miles would have you know that his sash should technically say "Eureka Waterfront Trail"... But, hey, we had to celebrate all of these agencies being leaders & working together like a team!  Thanks, all!

Cirque Disco-leil

Saturday, November 8

Arcata Ridge Trail Benefit

ARCATA COMMUNITY CENTER – Arcata Ridge Trail fans age 21 and older are invited to the Arcata Community Center for “Cirque Disco-leil,” Saturday, Nov. 8.

The disco-themed event’s focus is “bridging the gap” – gaining funding for a bridge to allow the Ridge Trail to cross Janes Creek near its northern entrance on West End Road.



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