• Kemset Moore

Thank You Hikshari' VTS!

Dear Hikshari' VTS, Thanks to Mother Nature for stopping the rain drops before the work started. In spite of the mugginess and humidity, on Saturday's Hikshari' workday we filled about half a dumpster with green waste, we reduced weeds and berry vines, and shortened the grass and fennel along the row of rocks. Fourteen volunteers showed up and threw themselves into their work! Pam and Ted cleaned out a large encampment. Keith and Stan did weed-eating and Stan did some additional blackberry bashing. Some people picked up litter and the rest of us tackled our favorite weeds. Thanks to Anna for good snacks and coffee from Ramone's!

A reminder that the next workday is September 14th.

To all of you who pitched-in on the August Hikshari' workday (and those of you who have been there on past workdays)--Thanks so much for your effort (and sweat)!




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